The village is geared to function as a three star resort with excellent relaxation facilities. It is a unique, luxurious get-away located within the urban area, yet away from its pandemonium. Besides, it is a self-contained commercial establishment that provides exquisite Kerala cuisine, comfortable accommodation, entertainment and recreational activities.
A large parking space welcomes you. On the left of the parking is a cattle farm. You can see banana plantation on the right side of the parking. There are plenty of birds to entertain you with their sweet chirp and songs.
Our lobby is a unique mix of chic and classic. This arrival zone sets the tone for guest-rooms and banquet facilities that deliver the ultimate in relaxation just fifteen minutes drive from urban cluster. For someone who is looking for a quiet corner to relax and catch up on some reading, the Village Resort has plenty of comfortable spots in and around.
With cottages designed to recreate the homely atmosphere of traditional Kerala architecture, the ethereal touch of the ‘Mana’, ‘Ara’ and ‘Illam’ transports the guest into the elegant charm and comfort of a nostalgic past. The Village captures the magnificence of a holiday intimately entwined in the embrace of nature and tradition. This abode of pristine serenity hugged by the riches of nature is ideally located at Angamaly, just twenty minutes drive from Kochi International Airport.
The Village Resort is envisioned and designed to serve a special purpose; to provide guests with an opportunity to experience the heavenly beauty of village life in all its exemplary tranquility.
The Village
Mangattukara, Angamaly, Ernakulam Kerala – 683 572

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